Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Sock fixation? Me? (Part Two)

Have I mentioned that Carrie thinks I have a sock fixation? She swears that all I knit these days is socks. Now, I just don't understand what could possibly be giving her that idea? After all, I knit her a sweater ... in January ... and in the heat of summer, here I am having Doug try on a sock of his very own.

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It is a cute sock, is it not? And such a manly colorway. This sock is ribbed the entire body, with stockinette stitch on the sole. He has commented before that he really needs his socks to be smooth, else the bumps really irritate him. Here's hoping that stockinette works.

I must admit that this picture is several days old. Since then, I have finished the second sock of that pair. As well as ... started and finished another sock. The mate to that one is currently on the needles. Photos will follow.

Hmmph. Sock fixation, indeed!