Friday, June 13, 2008

It's been a quiet week ...

It has been so long since I posted here. There's just so many things to do, and so little battery life in the camera. Still, I should do better.

In fact, there are things which need to be photographed and displayed before they are handed off to the recipients. Things which I WILL get photographed. Just not today.

For today, I can show you the two newest afghan squares completed in my Great American Aran Afghan. This is the Marion Tabler block. It was as much fun to knit as it is to look upon. Which is to say that it required much counting and attention.

This was followed by the Meredith Morioka square. This square was fun to knit in that it did NOT require a lot of brainpower and attention. Which is a good thing because I wasted so much of my brainpower on the previous square. Interestingly enough, the directions stated that I should knit 100 rows of the pattern, but doing so would have made the square entirely too long to match the other squares.
So this raises the question that Barb and I have been debating all week. How do you affect your ROW gauge while knitting? For STITCH gauge, you simply change needles. Need more stitches per inch? Move to a smaller needle. Need less stitches? Move to a bigger needle. Works great for stitches.

So how DO you affect a change in your row gauge?

In other news, I am hosting a Knit in Public party at the Joe Fowler park in Port Perry on Saturday evening, beginning at 5:00 pm. Bring a dish to pass and your knitting, and we'll have a grand time!