Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Hello! (Waving frantically) Is anyone out there? Hello! (Whew! This place needs cleaning! Dust and cobwebs everywhere!)

The silence has been deafening. In fact, if you didn't know me better, you might think that there hadn't been any knitting happening. Well, that is if you didn't know me. There has been knitting, and quite a lot of it. I'm going to show you, and tell you about it, right now. Just not in chronological order ... in fact, I don't understand the logic that Blogger uses to upload photos, so we're just gonna have to wing it. Because I've uploaded these photos four or five times now, and I still can't get them in the order I want. Grrr. Patience is a virtue, of which I have very little!

We ran a class in top-down sweater construction here at the shop in April. We used the Tappan-Zee top, because I had already knit it and folks here were very interested in also knitting it. In fact, many of them decided to modify the pattern and make it into a pull-over -- a fabulous idea. I'm trying not to reknit it, because I have so many projects and so little time. But I did need a top-down project, just because.

I found this little top in the summer issue of Knitty -- the Rondeur top. I quite liked the lace and cable detail along the raglan seams. And, bonus! It was a really quick project to knit!
I used Cascade Pima Tencel, colour # 9504, and consumed 6 balls using a 4.0mm needle. I'm absolutely thrilled with the top, and can't wait to wear it. The hand of this fabric is delightful, by the way. Very, very soft and drape-able.

What else have I knit? Well, we needed a quick Father's Day gift idea for the store. I remembered that I had seen hand-knit ties in previous Knitty issues.
This is one ball of Regia Extra-Twist Merino, colour 9327. The pattern says you need 200g. of sock wool for the adult version, but clearly I did not. Now, I do admit that I didn't have much wool left -- like about a yard -- but no where near 200g. And it was fun!

This year Barb and I are trying to do a pair of fancy socks every other month. I saw these socks and thought they looked cool. I'm a sucker for that gusset detail as it turns out. At the moment, all I have is a Ravelry link -- Socks for His Nibs. These are the March/April socks ... I'd like to claim that I finished them in April; however, I am far too truthful for that. I just finished these.
The pattern is not difficult; wordy, but not difficult. I used Regia yarn that I found in my Stitch & Pitch back a year or two ago and a 2.5mm needle. Great -- another Christmas gift finished!

I signed up for a gift exchange in one of my on-line groups. Supposed to use one ball from stash ... I used two because they were small!
Montego Bay pattern with a mystery yarn. Very nice and lacey.

The biggest project, and biggest disappointment, that I've encountered so far is this little beaut:
Arching Cables from the Fall 2010 Interweave Knits, knit in Elsebeth Lavold Silky Flame. Don't get me wrong -- I love the design. I love the wool. But finding the right button has been a trial.
I ordered some, but they didn't come. So now I've been searching my button stash, my friends' button stashes ... came up with these two. Initially I liked the one on the left. Upon reflection, I think I'm liking the one on the right. What does anyone else think?

My G.A.A.A. is coming along. I have two squares left to knit from the book, and one more to graph out with my initials and year. Then on to assembly and borders! The Yggdrasil afghan is also progressing. And so is the double-knit vest.

Like I said -- so many projects and so little time!