Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Goodies at the Knitters' Frolic

Saturday was the Knitters' Frolic in Toronto. I found out about the event on Friday ... and went on Saturday! Yippee!

I had SO much fun! And spent some money!

What did I buy? Blocking wires and pins, a book titled "Annabelle's Caps," three balls of Reggia sock yarn to make socks for Doug, a ball of Reggia sock yarn in a cotton blend to try for summer, and a ball of Opal sock yarn. I've heard SO much about Opal that I just had to try it.

I also met Stephanie. also known as The Yarn Harlot (yarnharlot.ca). She is so funny, just like her blog. And very nice.

Anyway, it was a wonderful day, and now I've got to finish up some projects so that I can try knitting with my new yarn. Teehee. Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 14, 2005

My Mom

My mother, Frances Dixon, died a year ago yesterday. She was a very special person, which is what everyone says about their mother. But she really was special.

You see, she had polio when she was 22. And pregnant. My brother was born and went home about six months before she did. And after he was born, there were 4 more. A total of six kids, borne to a woman who did not understand the meaning of the word "handicapped."

She taught us that life was to be lived to its fullest. In spite of the polio, she went canoing, bicycling, camping, and motorcycle riding with my dad. She traveled from Michigan to Oklahoma and back in a side car one year. Another time, she and Dad took the motorcycle from Michigan to Nova Scotia and back again.

My mother taught me to love reading. She read avidly, and her example taught me to likewise love books. There are pictures of her with a book in hand, sitting at some rest stop. Everyone else was off stretching their legs. Mom was reading. Some of my happiest memories are of those times when we shared our opinions of various authors and books.

Another thing my mom taught me was to knit. She knit things for her children, her husband, and her grandchildren. This woman was even brave enough to start aran sweaters for children who were prone to growing rapidly. Go figure, eh?

This is a sweater my mother made for me years ago. I can't quite wear it any more, but I still keep it. Some things you just have to hold on to, ya know?

And there, on with the sweater, you see the book by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, At Knit's End. Stephanie is also known as the Yarn Harlot. Last night was the book launch at the Textile Museum in Toronto, Ontario. We went. What better way to celebrate my mother's life than by spending it with someone who, like my mother loves to knit.
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Monday, April 11, 2005

Faina's Scarf

Finished all 423 rows! It still needs to be blocked and fringed, but the scarf is fabulous. The yarn is alpaca, and is deliciously soft and yummy. Pattern from Fibertrends, and Yarn is Plymouth Indiecita Alpaca, sport 3-ply.

And I still love lace!

In other news ... the weekend was wonderful. Sunny and warm both days. The lake is still frozen, but melting quickly.

Went to the Home Show on Saturday. Wasn't worth the effort of driving 1.5 hours to get there. We wanted to see bathroom fixtures since we are nearing that step in the home renovations. Unfortunately, there were only two displays that we saw -- both offering fancy shower enclosures, complete with FM radios, multiple jets and extremely tiny hot tubs. Extremely silly if you ask me.

My next project will be a gift for my secret friend from Christmas. Something special and specially made for someone who deserves something special.
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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Dulaan Project

This is my box for the Dulaan project. It is one sweater (size 6) and three pairs of mittens. Not the most prolific knitters, even if I do say so myself. But I am only one, and there are hundreds of other knitters participating in the project. It'll go out in the mail this week, so should be at the appointed place at the appointed time for mailing to Mongolia.

In other news, I revisited Yonder Yarns last Saturday. She is still open -- wonderful news. Even better, her stock has grown. And best of all -- she has a knitting group that meets on Tuesday evenings! I found some knitting friends! Yippee! I have missed that aspect of my life for so long.

Of course, today is Tuesday and I'm not there. I'm tired. Dangerously tired for driving. Hence, I am home tonight. There's always next Tuesday!

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Monday, April 04, 2005

This is NOT funny. This is April 3, for crying out loud! We are supposed to have green grass, flowers just peeking through the ground, fresh winds, robins and squirrels. What is with this white, gloppy snow stuff? And to make it worse, you can't even ski on this garbage!

Since the weather wasn't good for much of anything else, I sat at home and knit. My Faina's Scarf is now into the second repeat. Not the first repeat. The second. And I've opened the second ball of that yummy alpaca yarn! Progress. But I haven't taken any pictures to brag yet -- don't want to ruin my luck.

Now that I've gotten into the rhythm of it all, the scarf progresses nicely. Can't wait to get it done.

Tomorrow the weatherman claims that we will see 13 degrees C (that's 55 degrees F). I'll believe that when I see it.
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