Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Well, just to let you know that yes, indeedy, miracles do happen.

I now have two projects on needles at the same time. Yes, you read that correctly. Two of 'em!

First is the scarf for C. After two and a bit skeins, it isn't as long as she'd like. Lucky for me, I have more of the same dye lot available. So we just keep going until it is long enough.

And, while my knitting was traveling about with D. on his expedition to search for a new car, I started another sock. You see, I just couldn't suffer from SSS (second sock syndrome) any longer, especially since I had received the matching yarn.

So there you have it. Two projects on needles at the same time. And both progressing. Go figure!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Adventures in Knitting

So C. asked for a scarf. Suggested I use up some of that alpaca yarn I've got stashed. I explained that she'd have to settle for a "regular" acrylic scarf and practice ownership ... you know, EARN the alpaca. 'Cuz if she damaged the alpaca scarf I'd have no alternative but to kill her.

Amazing. She understood the reasoning.

Started the acrylic scarf. Simple twisted garter stitch pattern. Lasted about all of 10 rows. Yuck. Ripped it.

Started a new scarf with a shaker rib. Got 4 feet done -- over half way done. Too curly. Ripped it.

Started one with a pattern called "Saxon Braid" from a learn-to-knit booklet. Looking good! 16 rows of pattern and am now on the third repeat. Yippee! Looking great!

So much for needing a set-in-stone pattern for making things. :-)

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


And I have survived another half-week. Whew. And from here it's a downhill shot towards the LONG weekend! Yippee.

On knitting news ... the yarn I ordered from Redbird Knits arrived. It matches both orphan balls of sock yarn! Yippee. So now I can finish one pair of socks and make two more pair. I am so happy!

Mittens are chugging along. I have started the second mitten of pair #7. The darn pink yarn doesn't end! I am guessing that I'll get pair #8 out of this colour as well.

The rest of my hand-knitting yarn came home from storage. I didn't realize that I had so much alpaca yarn. Hanks and hanks and hanks of it. Now to find a really nice pattern for it.

And I'm remembering that I also have two alpaca ponchos stored away. Now that they are stylish again, I will get them out and wear them. Possibly C. will too. One never knows!

Went to an alpaca farm over the weekend. The alpacas were tired of meeting people and consequently not very friendly. But they are absolutely adorable. The literature I picked up says that this farm does boarding of alpacas ... hmm ... I'm seriously tempted, to say the least. In any event, I now have found a place to purchase alpaca yarn! Yippee!

And only two weeks until the Sewing & Needlecraft show in Toronto!