Friday, December 04, 2009

THAT was a quick month!

Foolish me, I thought (although perhaps hoped is more accurate) that life would slow down a wee bit with the daughter off at university. After all, SHE was the one who had get-togethers with friends, shopping trips, work, and parties to attend, all of which required my car. Seemed like she or we were constantly running the roads, trying to keep pace with everything.

She's been off to the University of Toronto since the beginning of September. Three entire months. Has life slowed down? Nope. Not a bit. So who can I blame now? Methinks the answer is myself. The jury is still out on that one.

I note that it has been an entire month since last I posted anything. Works in progress or finished objects. Unless someone can assist me, I believe I have here the sum entirety of my completed items:

This hat is made with Naturally Loyal (colour 916) and the brim is Sirdar Frenzy (discontinued). Lots of fun making this up, and the Frenzy was surprisingly fun to knit with. (I dislike working with doubled strands of fun fur--it's hard to see your stitches. The Frenzy was thick enough that I could use it just by itself with larger needles.) This hat is destined for my elder brother, to be his January hat. I hope it makes him smile. And any of my brothers and sisters who see this? Shh. Don't say a word.

Last weekend was the American Thanksgiving weekend. Doug and I took the opportunity to run over to Michigan for a wee visit. Also, we ate some turkey and dressing. (Barb ran the store -- thanks a million!) Of course, driving to Michigan entails some 6.5 hours in the car on the way there, and the same back. Lots of hours of knitting, if one plans well.

I had heard lots about the Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket (scroll down, please). When a friend loaned me the pattern, I grabbed a ball of yarn and ran with it.

Until the very end when I put in the buttonholes, I really didn't understand how this was going to become a baby jacket. Seriously. I'd work on it a bit, look at it, scratch my head. Lather, rinse, repeat. Finally the light dawned ... and I was finished. Just that quickly. Amazing.

The yarn used was James Brett Baby Marble (Lime Sherbet). One ball. I'm pondering bringing this yarn into the shop, if I can find a place on the shelves. 100% acrylic, which many people like for babies.

Back to the Thanksgiving weekend -- we were able to visit with all of the Michigan siblings (three brothers, a sister, and assorted spouses) as well as my dad and step-mother. A very nice time was had by all. Brother David was having stem cells harvested this week, with the goal of infusion during January. We're hoping and praying that the time lines continues as set. If so, David should be in pretty good form for the (brief) Michigan summer and his motorcycle.