Saturday, February 27, 2010

Round 'em up, Head 'em out!

Another month has passed, and it seems I'm back to my old habit of posting only once a month. I keep trying to do better, but there are so many excuses. Store is busy, can't find where my photos download on the home computer, store is busy, Olympics are on, store is busy ... I'm sure you get the idea. Today, the weather is crummy, the roads are wet and slippery, and the Olympics are on. This all means that at the moment, I'm by myself in the store. Hasn't happened since we moved on the 2nd of January, and I do expect it to change in a bit. After all, it's Saturday and my afternoon knitters and crocheters will be along very soon.

I decided to do a catch-up/listing of all the projects I'm working on. I used to do it regularly, and it kept me focused. Since my WIP list has gotten long (and out of control, actually) I decided a bit of focus was in order.

First, I show you the January socks -- Winter Wren from Interweave Knits Holiday 2009 issue:

Barb finished hers, but … well, mine is still in progress. I’m pleased to report that this picture is a week old, and I’ve actually turned the heel!

I’ve also worked on the GAAA and finished three squares.

The Vicki Sever (pg. 12) square was a dream. The charts were accurate and the designs were easy. Since I have experienced more than just breast cancer in my immediate family, I opted to repeat the faith, hope and love motifs throughout the square. The beauty of the charts is that this substitution was a piece of cake to work out.

The Carol Adams (pg. 22) square was likewise an easy knit. What I hadn’t realized until I was actually knitting the square is that the square is completely reversible. Fancy that. No wrong side. Truly cool. Again, the charts were accurate and easy to work. Nice touch, that.

Finally, the Patt Tanton Hewitt (pg. 42) is also finished and crossed off my list. This was an extremely difficult square to work, and in my opinion should’ve been listed as one of the more difficult. I still don’t understand why the Janet Martin (pg. 36) was listed as difficult, but then that may just be me and my understanding of the process.

Anyway, I now am down to the knit-from-the-centre squares, and designing the corner square (Design! Snort! Chart out the year of completion and my initials.), followed by the border and I’ll be done like dinner! Yahoo!

Next on my needles is the top-down pullover for the January store class. Again, this photo is a few days old and I’m actually further down the body than it appears. Boring knitting, and perhaps ideal for the Olympics. Except I don’t have a TV at the store. Excuses, excuses, excuses.

I am also working on a Freedom Spirit model for the store – a vest with little lace designs up the front. The back is plain, and boring. Again, perfect for TV knitting, except that I don’t have a TV at the store. The boringness of it might explain why this project hasn’t seen the light of day in at least a week.

The socks for February were selected from the Wendy Johnson Socks from the Toe Up book and are called “Hearts and Flowers.” I’m currently in the process of turning the heel on the second sock! Will I be done by the 28th? No. I’ll be close though!

And this brings to a conclusion my current WIP listing. What I’m not telling you, though, is about the projects that I want to start. Especially those made from the new yarns at the store. Before Barb starts making something with them and I don’t get the opportunity to make the store sample! (There isn’t a competitive bone in my body. Honestly!)

Finally, a quick update on my brother. He has had his stem cell infusion and they are growing into bone marrow. Currently, David is at home recuperating and is about half-way thru his month of 24/7 care. He has good days and bad days; however, it sounds like his bad days aren’t nearly as bad as they used to be. This is good news! Keep those healing thoughts heading his way, and he’ll be back on his feet in no time.