Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So many yarns, so little time.

I have been knitting.  Some might call it obsessively.  but the wools are so gorgeous.  How can I stop? I want to see the next combination!    What has me enthralled?    The Edwardian Cardigan.   My version thus far:
I have completed the second tier of blocks.  I am using three colors of Misti Alpaca, two skeins of Cascade Heritage, and one each of Estelle Sock It To Me, Marks & Katten Fame Trends and our own Never Enough Wool.    This project had been in the offing since before Christmas, but I hadn't been totally happy with my original colour choices.   Having swapped out three of the original colours for what you see above, I am totally in love.   Aside from being fiddley, this is a straight forward entrelac knit.  It's the three colours in each section that make it so interesting. 

What else have I been doing?   The Elsebeth Lavold Ylva is completed and drying after it's bath.  I used four skeins of Silky Wool and a 4.0m needle.  Can't wait for some warmer weather!    

As an aside, can you believe this weather?  I don't know about you, but I am over winter.   Give me some sunshine, fresh air and warm breezes.  Please.

I am working on a pair of mystery projects, destined for the 2015 N.E.W. Calendar.   Here is a peek at the second project:
I'm such a tease, aren't I?

Finally, the Building Blocks afghan.   I have completed six squares, with the seventh class and square scheduled for the second Sunday in April. 
I am pleased that my class is enjoying the project and are mostly right with me.   It is such pleasure to teach, especially with willing and happy students.  The afghans are going to be marvellous.

Not much else happening in my life right now.  Just waiting for the ice to go out from the lake, for biking season, scheduling my next visit with family in Michigan and down south, and knitting.  

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Bandwagon

Wow.  It is far too easy to fall off the posting bandwagon.   I did so well, and then there were eight days between posts.  Nine, ten.  And then there were 14 days.  Or close enough.  I am not going back to count.  Just going to clamber back up and try again.  

Since our last visit, I finished up the test socks.  There are from Katia Cotton Stretch, knit on a 2.75m needle.  I quite like the feel of the fabric, as did the ladies.    
We have twelve colours ordered, just in time for summer socks.  The pattern book (which we did not order) shows a bikini as well as a little pair of shorts.  Not so sure about the bikini, but the shorts have possibilities.  In my spare time, of course.   

I also finished up the Sugar Grove Shawl, from the newest KnitScene.  
I used a 4.0m needle and five skeins of Sirdar Flirt.  I was none too sure about this design originally, and ended up frogging and starting over.  The key is to cast on loosely over doubled needles.   Then the first row basically triples the stitch count, followed by a multitude of short rows.  This gives the shawl a really delightful curved upper edge, which means it will stay put on your shoulders.  I like!

I am also working on a couple of mystery projects destined for next year's calendar.  I have photos, but one is only a ball of yarn at this point.  The second one is, as promised, a pair of socks.  Want to see?
Not much to look at yet, but the design is improving.  I'm using some Malabrigo sock yarn! purchased for me by my friend, Morag, and 2.75m needles.  Just in case you were wondering. 

The Building Blocks Afghan continues apace.  Sunday we will have our sixth class meeting, which means we are halfway through the project.  Where does the time go?
The final project on needles is the Elsebeth Lavold Ylva top, using her suggested wool, Silky Wool.  I love this wool because it knits up so light and wearable. 
Can you see where I am?  Yes, that' s right.  I'm casting off!   Tonight this will get a wee bath and then to dry.  Success!    And this means that my 4.0m needles are (temporarily) empty.    Edwardian Cardi -- I'm coming for you next!   Maybe my group of intrepid knitters will have the first finished projects on Ravelry!