Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I love my friends!

It's been forever since I've been here. And I'm the one who set up the rule about blogging a minimum of once per month. I'm gonna try to do better. Really. Truly!

Part of the problem is that I haven't really felt that I had anything to show off. I mean, yeah I've been knitting. But not so much on the finished projects. And it isn't so much fun to blog about projects in process.

Thankfully, my friends have set me straight. I DO have finished projects. And they are well worth showing off. So here goes!

Way back in the summer when the Early Fall Vogue 2011 issue arrived, many of us just loved the cable rib jacket. So I knit it up, thinking that perhaps other folks would jump on my bandwagon. And I knit, and I scratched my head, and I knit some more. This was not a pattern for the faint of heart. But worth it -- absolutely and positively worth it!

Here is the back view of the sweater worn as the directions are written. I must say that I find the arm area to be a bit baggy, but everyone seems to love it.

This is the front view of the sweater, again being worn as the instructions are written.
The beauty of this sweater is that you can then turn it upside down and have an entirely new sweater!
Since this picture was taken, I've learned that you should turn the collar a bit more, so that you have wider lapels, down to the waistband. It looks much nicer that way, and with a shawl pin, or a sweater pin -- oooh, la la! Oh so fashionable!
Worn this side up, the back armhole area doesn't seem to be so baggy. Who knew, eh?

I used 9 skeins of Cascade 220 and 5.5mm needle. The construction of the pieces was very, very strange, but worked. As seems so common with Vogue, the directions said to complete the right front "reversing all shaping." Yeah, right. This works if you know just what you are shaping! So I wrote out the shaping directions for myself, line by line. (I still have them, if anyone needs them!)

In other news ... the kids are fine, the animals (Lizzie and Pepper) are great, Doug is fine. Apparently, I've just been in a funk and not blogging. There are a lot more finished items to talk about ... but I'm gonna save some for another day.

Thanks for checking back in on me!