Thursday, August 06, 2009

Carrie does coffee

Remember a couple of posts back when I fell over in shock that Carrie was All Grown Up? Go ahead and look -- there are some stunning pictures of here there in her prom dress. June 29th was the prom -- a whole month and a bit ago.

Turns out that there is something else that means she's grown up. She does coffee now.

Well, sort of. You see, Carrie and coffee looks something like this:

Carrie sits at breakfast table with half bowl of Fruit Loops, almost snoring. When told that there is coffee, she sits up and her eyes open. She'll have to fix her coffee herself though, since only she knows how to make it correctly. That's OK -- she can do this.

Step one: Place three heaping teaspoons of hot chocolate mix in bottom of large travel mug.
Step two: Pour coffee, leaving 3/4" headspace in mug.
Step three: Stir vigorously, being careful not to spill.
Step four: Taste.
Step five: Add two more heaping teaspoons of hot chocolate mix, and stir.
Step six: Discover the last teaspoon of chocolate mix is stuck to spoon.
Step seven: Shoot patented "glare of death" look at mom, who is laughing.
Step eight: Shoot "death star laser beam of death" look at mom, who is now rolling on floor.
Step nine: Add milk and stir gently.
Step ten: Taste. Pronounce perfection.
Step eleven: Discover that lid of travel mug will not fit onto mug with this much beverage.
Step twelve: Shoot patented "glare of death" look at mom, who is once again on her feet but still laughing .
Step thirteen: Drink enough coffee from mug so that lid fits; place lid on mug; leave unattended to fetch knitting and purse.
Step fourteen: Moan loudly that mom has tasted coffee/chocolate.
Step fifteen: Subside into back seat of car, holding coffee with both hands to protect it from any more unwarranted "mom taxes."

There are no pictures of this event, mainly due to my laughing too hard to actually find and point a camera. But ... you know what? If you promise not to tell anyone that you read it here ... if you like coffee AND hot chocolate, this is a mighty fine combination. I'm so glad I -- er -- she discovered it!

In other news, I do note that I haven't done a recent count of current projects on needles. So here ya go:

1. Bulky cardigan -- being knit as a special order for a customer -- lacks three rows of the button band and it will be done, Done, DONE!

2. Great American Aran Afghan -- still no selection from my on-line group as to a square for August, so currently waiting that decision.

3 and 4. Double-knit Mittens -- have both skeins of yarn (retrieved from storage) so that I can proceed. These will be the class project for September, so I hope to finish them soon.

5. Mock cable baby blanket -- Half finished! Still need to write pattern.

6. Wavy-baby from Casbah -- finally unraveled and ready to start knitting again. If nothing else, it'll get worked on this weekend when we drive Carrie over to see her dad in Michigan.

7. Surprise present for my swap partner at Knit & Chat .

I have the Rusted Root to block, the Botanical Medallion to block, and the suri alpaca & silk shawl to block.

Apparently I am a little slow to the finish line these days.