Thursday, December 18, 2008

For my three loyal readers ...

For my three loyal raeders (hi Lisa, Irene & Kathy!), I apologize for the quiet times around here.

In an attempt to distract you, I bring you tales from Tanglefoot, our favorite Canadian folk music group. They performed recently (it was TOO recently!) in Peterborough, Ontario. We drove over, taking Doug's daughter and her boy and my daughter and her boy (as in boyfriends). Since both of us have 5-passenger vehicles, this necessitated two cars. Bummer. No knitting for me on the drive over!

The concert was, as usual, wonderful. They sing songs about Canadian life, both in the past and current. Their historical songs are often based on facts, albeit somewhat loosely at times.

In any event, it is wonderful music and we love them. Over the years, we've gotten to know the guys in the band. Gotten to know them well enough that they are surprised if they don't see knitting in my hands during a concert. This time, I even got them to hold the knitting!

This is Al, the bass player. His voice has been described as being "halfway between melted chocolate and sex." (Not by me, mind.) I do love bass voices, and his ranks right up there at the top of my favorite bass voices.
This is Terry, Rob and Steve being good sports as well. Rob's wife is also a knitter, so he does understand the allure of yarn. He claims that we was scoping out the project, trying to decide if he should score some yarn for his wife.

And the fact that there are two socks in each photo? Carrie took her knitting with her. Emily, Doug's daughter, also had a mitten project with her, but she didn't want to join in the fun. Silly girl, eh?