Friday, April 14, 2006

Where does the time go?

I can't believe that it's been 11 days since I posted last. Where DOES the time go?

In part, it went to a relapse of the creeping crud. One must remember not to over-do the recovery activity. Two days of cleaning house and being chipper and on the move resulted in three days of heavy sleep requirements. The good news is that I'm (once again) on the road to recovery.

Also, a distant cousin of mine departed this earth last week. The services were Monday morning in Windsor. Funerals are sad and happy occasions. It gives the family the opportunity to reacquaint themselves with each other; to remember the good times; and to assist the grieving in their loss. This particular event was especially poignant for me. The last time I saw these folks was something like 17 years ago -- it was a family get-together (not a reunion because they last for days, and not a picnic because they last for a weekend) when both my sons had the honour of being the only two kids that fell into the swimming pool. Separately. Of all the kids there -- and there were a lot -- mine were the only two who fell in. Nice. Oh, yes. We also learned that weekend that I don't walk on water. I tried. And failed. Same time the younger one splashed into the shallow end. I was on the other side of the pool and took off to rescue my baby.

Monday evening the family gathered at the Kildare House, owned by another cousin. I had heard tales of this pub, but not had the opportunity to visit until Monday. It was great. They have Guinness beer. They also have a multitude of family photos on the wall. Said photos include my grandfather on his way to WWI, returning with his war bride, with my father as a youngster, my great-grandmother and many cousins. All in all, it was a nice trip to Windsor.

Since my return Monday evening, I haven't done much of anything. Slept. A little bit of knitting and putzing around the house. But nothing spectacular. I have learned one thing, however, and it is an interestng tidbit.

When I am knitting a project for myself or family (i.e., NOT for a charity donation), I knit more slowly. It takes longer to really get into mood of the project and to finish it. I do wonder what this says about myself. Any ideas?

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Jeffrey said...

What?? I fell into the shallow end? I coulda sworn it was deeper than that! I went down for, like, forever! Meters and meters of depth that pool was! You guys had to send out for emergency divers to rescue me, and they had to use two airtanks!

But this reminds me... I need to find some time to make a vacation on the Stateside sometime.