Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Remember Dr. Suess?

The daughter is taking drama this term. This means that she frequently has presentations--including the need for costumes and props. In honour of Earth Day, the current project for her story-telling assignment is the Dr. Suess story of the Lorax.

This necessitated a stage set, which she and her group constructed during and after school. Then came the props and costumes. Could I make a Thneed?

Could I make Bar-ba-loot ears?

What you don't see here is the efforts to construct the Swome-swan wings. Sorry.

All in all, it was a lot of fun to help her with her drama project this week. Too bad I don't get to see it being portrayed.

In other news, I spent Monday with a couple of friends learning how to make hand-dyed and patterned yarns. We made self-striping yarns. We made fair isle yarns. We made zig-zag yarns. And then we made rainbow yarns. All in all, it was a great deal of fun. Actually, it was a blast. I just might have to do this again--after I knit up all this sock yarn!


deirdre said...

Carol, your dying experiments looks gorgeous - what fun!! And yes, hopefully we can meet at next year's Frolic, if not before...

Christy J said...

You've been busy! Your yarn looks wonderful. Can't wait to see how it knits up. Hope your daughter had a great trip and glad you got away for a few days too.
Store question: I think you had some Atacama when I visited. Do you have or could you order color 507? I bought two balls for gloves in Utah, and I love it so much I'm thinking I NEED a sweater's worth.