Saturday, October 30, 2010

More catching up ...

So last April (yes, I know that was 7 whole months ago!) we started a knit-along at the shop. The project was "Inggun" from Elsebeth Lavold's book #18. I had been eyeing that vest for months -- 6 of them to be exact -- and I was so happy when the designated month arrived.

I cast on the first week. Three weeks later, this is what I had:

The back view is equally gorgeous:

And the seam detail -- oh, how I love the seam details:

I used Patons Classic Merino, the camel colour, which has sadly been discontinued. Four balls, on a 5.0mm needle. Delightful. Elsebeth Lavold is my favourite designer, for a reason.

Finally, in keeping with the whole sock-a-month idea, I bring you my September socks:

These are the Ricks socks from Cookie A's book, Sock Innovation. I used Ranco from Auracania, on a 3.0m needle. I purposely used a larger needle and made the sock a wee bit longer because I know the wool will shrink.

In other news ... my brother David just celebrated his birthday. This time last year was quite bleak as he'd just been diagnosed with cancer. This year, he's doing far better. His latest blood work came back with an all clear. Yahoo!

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