Monday, December 30, 2013


I've gotten into the habit of knitting socks for my immediate family for Christmas.  By immediate family, I mean my husband, our four children, and their assorted partners.  I try to start in January and do one pair a month.  Generally, this plan works -- providing I actually hold to the plan. 

This year I did not.  The result was that I spent December knitting frantically in an effort to finish in time.  Then I started knitting in the order in which I would see people.  This meant that I had an extra week to finish up the socks for my eldest and his family.  Whew!

Behold the socks for my eldest! Nice manly socks.  The yarn is Fortissima Socka ( 0040).  I worked a  six-inch leg because I wanted to be certain that I had sufficient wool to finish the pair, as these are for a large foot.  No problem. 

Next up were socks for my daughter-in-law.  
The yarn is a discontinued On your toes from SRK.  Too bad, because it really is a decent sock yarn.  I didn't find it at all difficult to work with.  These got a seven-inch leg because the foot part was smaller.  Still have plenty of wool, actually. 

Remember that these two blessed me with a new baby in August?  Baby Panda needed some Christmas socks too! 
These socks are the cutest, tiniest things I've knit in ages.  32 stitches, and you're off to the races. Notice that they match the daddy socks?   Just makes 'me even more cute.   And talk about a quick project!  Maybe one television show per section.  And that's being generous. 

Anyone care to guess how I'll be using up my leftover sock yarns?

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