Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Another week ..

It has been a busy week around these parts.   Sunday the shop hosted a yarn tasting party, complete with yummy food and desserts.  (Thanks, Liz, Morag and Rene!)

We sampled a total of 14 yarns of various weights and from different manufacturers.  I wasn't totally surprised to see that Cascade yarns was the hands-down winner.  And one yarn that I loved at the warehouse show was totally disliked by my patrons.  Good thing Barb wouldn't let me order it. 

Projects I am working on include the fingerless mitts and hat for our class.  

I worked on these rather devotedly last Wednesday, to the point that my carpal tunnel acted up.  Not a good thing when one enters a knitting store and sees the owner wearing braces on both wrists.   I've taken a wee break on this project.

Remember these socks?   I have used a reinforcing thread for the heel, which you can't see here.   I hope the recipient likes it. 

The afghan project didn't make any progress as there was no class this week. 

And look at my top!  I am heading towards the shoulders now.  You cannot see the cables around the armholes, but they are there. 

I'm trying to use the Blogger app. for my I-Pad, and I do find it interesting, to say the least.  I like the idea ... some of the interface works quite well, and some not so well.  What I find works best, and somewhat defeats the purpose of blogging from the I-Pad is to do the quick post via the Blogger App. and then log on from a desk-top computer to finish.  As I said, clunky but do-able. 

Anyway, happy knitting everyone!

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