Sunday, January 04, 2015

Trying again, another new year

Last year, I resolved to do better about keeping the blog updated.  I did pretty well, slacked off, started up again.  And then in mid-August, some Very Bad Things happened in my life.  They rocked my world big time.  I stopped eating, lost 15 pounds.  For the record. I don't recommend this weight loss plan.  it wreaks havoc on your system.  I eventually restarted the anti-depressant medications, despite the cost.  Life began returning to the new normal.  I am not going to detail the Very Bad Things, especially since we are still trying to process through them.  Right now, the upshot is that I am working in a law office in The City one day a week, with some extra hours gained from e-mailed work, and the remaining days at the shop.  

I have been knitting still.  We published a calendar at the store for 2015 with twelve original patterns, none of them scarves.  For the record, writing patterns is HARD.  What seems perfectly clear in my head often isn't to other people.  Quite the learnng curve, to be certain. 

Christmas was spent visiting my son, daughter-in-law and grandson.  It was a very much needed holiday away.  We did a very minimal gift-giving regimen this year, which also greatly reduced the holiday stresses.  I did, however, knit socks for the family.  

It really was a great visit.  I was able to spend one-on-one time with each of the kids and grandson, plus the weather was awesome.  Starting with the baby, you see his Christmas socks, my son's, my daughter-in-law's socks that match the baby, my husband and mine!  The other two children were in Michigan visiting ther dad, but they did get socks.

We are teaching an Aran vest project at the store this month.  I got the sample vest knit, and it was such fun.  The pattern was published in Knittong Traditions Spring 2014 issue.  

I apologize for the crapticular photos.  I will get some better ones from the store.  I used 5.5mm needles to get gauge, and 260g of James Brett Aran with Wool.  Sadly, the yarn has been discontinued, but Hayfield makes a similar fibre which should work just as well.   I followed the pattern as written, although in hindsight I wish I had lengthened it a tad.  Oh well.

Today is a very grey, rainy day and I am fighting the urge to huddle on the couch with an afghan, the cat, and my I-Pad, being totally useless.  So far I have folded laundry, done this blogpost and done a 15-second Plank position.  Not terribly productive, but better than nothing.  I am off to block my vest and do some handwashing, make up some food for left-overs later in the week, and some knitting.  The Edwardian Cardigan is out of hibernation, working on the sleeves.  It is NOT travel knitting, so will only get worked on here at home.

Ta-ta for now.


Christy J said...

Always sorry to hear about Very Bad Things happening to friends. Will try to get in for hugs on my next trip down. Glad you had a nice Christmas. The little ones really do make it special. We had some of my family up here since my husband had surgery in Nov. and we have more medical issues now. But we're hanging in there too. Take care and keep knitting.

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