Wednesday, October 06, 2004


And I have survived another half-week. Whew. And from here it's a downhill shot towards the LONG weekend! Yippee.

On knitting news ... the yarn I ordered from Redbird Knits arrived. It matches both orphan balls of sock yarn! Yippee. So now I can finish one pair of socks and make two more pair. I am so happy!

Mittens are chugging along. I have started the second mitten of pair #7. The darn pink yarn doesn't end! I am guessing that I'll get pair #8 out of this colour as well.

The rest of my hand-knitting yarn came home from storage. I didn't realize that I had so much alpaca yarn. Hanks and hanks and hanks of it. Now to find a really nice pattern for it.

And I'm remembering that I also have two alpaca ponchos stored away. Now that they are stylish again, I will get them out and wear them. Possibly C. will too. One never knows!

Went to an alpaca farm over the weekend. The alpacas were tired of meeting people and consequently not very friendly. But they are absolutely adorable. The literature I picked up says that this farm does boarding of alpacas ... hmm ... I'm seriously tempted, to say the least. In any event, I now have found a place to purchase alpaca yarn! Yippee!

And only two weeks until the Sewing & Needlecraft show in Toronto!

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