Thursday, October 14, 2004

Adventures in Knitting

So C. asked for a scarf. Suggested I use up some of that alpaca yarn I've got stashed. I explained that she'd have to settle for a "regular" acrylic scarf and practice ownership ... you know, EARN the alpaca. 'Cuz if she damaged the alpaca scarf I'd have no alternative but to kill her.

Amazing. She understood the reasoning.

Started the acrylic scarf. Simple twisted garter stitch pattern. Lasted about all of 10 rows. Yuck. Ripped it.

Started a new scarf with a shaker rib. Got 4 feet done -- over half way done. Too curly. Ripped it.

Started one with a pattern called "Saxon Braid" from a learn-to-knit booklet. Looking good! 16 rows of pattern and am now on the third repeat. Yippee! Looking great!

So much for needing a set-in-stone pattern for making things. :-)

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