Monday, November 01, 2004

Miracles Continue

I have finally finished the Scarf for my darling daughter, C. She squealed with delight, jumped up and down, snatched it from my hands, and immediately tried it on.

Gotta love 'em when that happens.

Now I am working on the socks that I had started during the scarf extravaganza. Another pair of hand-knit socks. Yum!

Have confirmed that the church will indeed be sending mittens up north again. This means that another skein of stash will disappear into more mittens. Possibly more than one skein ...

We are getting the upstairs bedroom nicely outfitted to be the parental retreat. Which means that I will have another little cozy corner to sit and knit. Or do mending. Or read. Whatever. Nice to be making some progress on the house.

And it's All Saints Day. So many people this year to be added to the list -- Mom, Jackie, Katherine. All greatly missed.

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