Sunday, November 07, 2004

Pattern difficuties

So yesterday I tried to start C's new sweater. Decided to do a swatch. Couldn't figure out the pattern. Supposed to be a rib effect, but the directions didn't really sound like a rib. So ... posted on Knit'n'Chat. Where someone was kind enough to spell it out for me. Duh. Knit into the stitch below. So I started.

I **HATE** it!

The picture shows the sweater with a distinct rib. This pattern is not gonna produce a rib effect. And it's difficult to do, simply because it is so boring.

So then I tried another concept -- K1B, P1. Followed by K 1 row. This produces a nice rib effect, without the firmness of a regular rib. Even D. likes it better than the original concept.

So ripped out the sweater AGAIN (all 6 rows) and started again. Already I hate this sweater.

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