Sunday, February 27, 2005

What is needed to do lacework?

I started the first lacework I've done in 14 years. It's a lace scarf made from Plymouth Indiecita Alpaca, and a pattern from Fibertrends called Faina's Scarf. I carefully assembled all the necessary tools --

See what is missing?

The TV. This is not a pattern that can be worked in front of the TV. Nor the radio. Nor the stereo. It requires concentration -- and lots of it.

I am on row 57 -- and there have not been any repeat rows yet. Possibly as I get further into the pattern ... but I'm not counting on it. The directions list 423 rows. And in the 150 that I've skimmed, not one of them say "repeat row *."

If I knit 40 rows a day, I'll be done in 10 days. Right.

Notice the stitch marker? That's for the places that I forget the yarn over. I have figured out how to add it on the next row -- provided I see that I've forgotten it in time. Hence the stitch marker.

Now, I used to have a favorite baby sweater set that I made for all my children and for my friends' children. It was lace. It also had a nice 15-stitch, 12-row repeat. This scarf is not even in the same class.

We'll see if I still like lace when I'm done.

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Anonymous said...

Carol, you will love Faina's scarf! I made this one for a friend last year (4 days) and it was really pretty. I beaded the fringe on the one I made, and that makes a nice touch on this scarf. It takes some concentration, but the charts make it very easy. I hope you will post a picture when you're done! -Carol Howell (Knit & Chat)