Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Dulaan Project

This is my box for the Dulaan project. It is one sweater (size 6) and three pairs of mittens. Not the most prolific knitters, even if I do say so myself. But I am only one, and there are hundreds of other knitters participating in the project. It'll go out in the mail this week, so should be at the appointed place at the appointed time for mailing to Mongolia.

In other news, I revisited Yonder Yarns last Saturday. She is still open -- wonderful news. Even better, her stock has grown. And best of all -- she has a knitting group that meets on Tuesday evenings! I found some knitting friends! Yippee! I have missed that aspect of my life for so long.

Of course, today is Tuesday and I'm not there. I'm tired. Dangerously tired for driving. Hence, I am home tonight. There's always next Tuesday!

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Amie said...

Hi! I live about half an hour north in Baltimore County, but I work in Annapolis - I doubt your son listens to the station I manage - it's a business talk station, nothing but stock tips allllll daaaaayyyyyy... reaallly boring... AM 1190.