Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Showing the sock a good time

I've been reading about Stephanie's bookbookbook tour and all the fun her sock has been having. It's wonderful to see all the knitters enjoying themselves.

Inspired by Stephanie, I attempted to show MY sock a good time. How, you might ask. Well, since Spring has arrived, this means that mountain biking season has also arrived. I've discovered that the greater the risk for broken bones, the more fun I have. Go figure, eh?

For the first time in 35 years, I fell off my bicycle. It wasn't my fault -- really! I was pedalling furiously uphill when the chain fell off the front sprocket. Normal people might stop immediately and restring the chain. Other people, like me, attempt to continue up the hill while simultaneously restringing the chain. Once the uphill momentum stops (and quickly, I might add), the bicycle and rider begin to answer the call of gravity and roll downhill. Backwards. Generally at an increasing rate of speed and tilting dangerously to the side.

What happens next?
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Ouch. Slightly sprained ankle, which is being treated with RICE -- rest, ice, compression and elevation. Ice is really cold.

Bruised ego. Treated by a glass of wine and more knitting.

The knitting is Regia Cotton Tip & Top Color yarn, purchased at The Knitter's Frolic. This is really neat yarn -- one ply is white, the second ply is colored, resulting in a heathery yarn. That knits nicely into a fair isle pattern.

Here's hoping that the ankle heals before the rain leaves.

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