Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Another week in the life of ...

Another week has passed, with little to show for itself, although I have made great strides on my baby gift for the new nephew. I am making the Teddy-Bear All-in-One from Debbie Bliss' Nursery Knits. The body is completed, and most of one sleeve. The little footies and mitts are simply adorable. I am excited to get the rest of the outfit completed.

Since opening the store, I have decreed that "home" projects can only be worked on at home, or at Knitting Night. This resolve is sorely tested on this project. I really, really want to get it finished so I can see it in all its adorableness. (Is that a word? I don't think so!)

And having pointed out the distinction between "home" knitting and "store" knitting ... this little baby is the current store project. I'm using the suggested Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool to make the shell, and it is knitting up beautifully. The yarn is going to be so nice to wear.

Often I think of wool as being a tad scratchy. This doesn't feel that way at all. The silk gives it a nice slubby look and feel. Not at all hard on the hands.

And, this may come as no surprise, the shell is just my size, and just the right colour to go with several of my dress suits. Hmm. I wonder how that happened?

Today is my lovely hubby's 50th birthday. For three weeks, I get to tease him unmercifully about being a year older than I ... until my birthday arrives. How in the world did we get to be 50 already? It seems only yesterday that I graduated high school, welcomed my babies into the world ... Just how the heck does the time fly by so quickly?!


Louise said...

I love that sleeveless top pattern, you will look great in it!! oops, I meant to say it will look great displayed in your store! Say happy birthday to Doug. You're next!

Jacqui said...

I think "adorableness" is not only a word but that it perfect describes that little outfit!

Happy Birthday to Hubby.

Christy J said...

I have had that pattern bookmarked for ages. It's nice to see someone knitting it! I will be very interested to see how it goes.

Happy birthday to your husband. I'm in total denial of my own age -I'm 20 years younger in my mind.