Monday, February 19, 2007

We're having fun now!

I've survived the week in pajamas, a miracle in and of itself. An entire week, wearing pajamas. And I didn't go crazy!

What I did do was figure out how to knit two socks at the same time, on the same needle via magic loop. My intention when learning this technique was to use two different colours of wool to reduce the tendency to knit across both socks with the wool from sock number one. I didn't do that. (This might have something to do with being too easy, and wanting to give my brain cells an opportunity to function. Or perhaps an attempt to distract myself from the scratchies and itchies that the stitches in my belly wrought.)

All went well, until I got just to the toe shaping. I did the ribbing. I did the calves. I turned the heels. All with no problem. I knit the gussetts, picking up the necessary stitches, and then decreasing. All with no problem.

Then there was the one lapse, at the last row of knitting before beginning the toe stitches. Fortunately, there was no one around with a camera to capture the moment. I felt pretty silly as I sat there and looked. And looked. And looked. How could the wool be here, and here? When I realized what had happened, it was as if the sun rose in my living room. A sudden brightness ...

I tinked back the necessary stitches to repair my mis-step. And then I couldn't resist! Here you see me modelling the two-socks-on-one-circular socks in progress!
They are complete today, but alas, pictureless. Soon, there will be a photo of the completed socks.

In other news, I visited my surgeon today. The stitches have been removed, and I have permission to rub vitamin E on the scars. (Obviously this lady does not know the value placed upon scars by my family!) She encourages me to remain in my pajamas for the upcoming week, although she does say that I can now chase dust-bunnies using the dust-mop, and possibly load the dishwasher. And change the sheets on my bed. Under no circumstances am I to use the vacuum cleaner on carpets.

I was able to visit my store this afternoon. I miss it. I checked the inventory in the store and closets, and compiled an order. I fondled wool. I put together the purchases for my knitting students for class next Monday. I putzed. I watched my dear husband work diligently at his efforts to renovate the bathroom. (It looks amazing! Smooth walls, clean primer, absence of the clunky and nasty baseboard heater. He does good work!) I may try some afternoons this week, and for sure I'll be there on Saturday. Possibly not the whole day, but we'll see.

And then I came home and napped.

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