Monday, February 26, 2007

A plethora of finished objects

Finally, I have been able to gather in one place the camera, fully-charged batteries, and the finished items which I've accomplished in the last little bit.

Firstly, I offer the Accursed Sweater. Knitted from a pattern in Paton's Around the Seasons (#548), I used Smart Superwash (11 balls) for the main colour and Zara for the contrasting colours. The superwash was a mite thinner than the Paton's Super Wool called for, so I had to go up two sizes in needles. The sleeves are just barely long enough and I'm contemplating picking up stitches from the bottom cuff and adding more length there. Maybe. Maybe not. Here is a close-up of the yoke. The colours here are far closer to reality as there was no flash used with this photo.
Doug has worn it both during and post-skiing and pronounces it delightful.

Secondly, I offer the February socks. These were knit two at a time on a very long Addi Turbo, while recovering from the appendectomy. Waiting for the morphine and codeine to clear the brain tissues. Slightly muzzy-headed. And I only screwed up once and knit onto the second sock with wool from the first. Quite an accomplishment, if I do say so myself.
The socks were made with Regia 4-fadig Strato Color no. 5738. There is sufficient left that I can make cuffs, heels and toes on another pair of socks. Nice.

Finally, I completed the mat and mitts I was designing for my knitting class in Uxbridge. Cables galore. I am particularly proud of the decreases at the top of the hat. I managed to complete them while keeping the ribs and cables pretty much intact.
The pattern is available, if desired, by sending me an e-mail. I'll be happy to share.

That's all--for today. I have one more hat for the class, but I'm not quite ready for show and tell. Hopefully this week ...

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Christy J said...

Three cheers for you! The ski sweater looks great. I love a classic circular yoke - not accursed at all. The
Regia Strato is nice in that colorway. I still can't quite get the magic loop two sock thing figured out. We'll have to swap lessons next time I'm down. Glad to hear you're recovering well.