Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fools Day -- no joke!

I really don't know where the time goes. I know. I say this same phrase every week. And every week, I REALLY mean it.

For example, my lovely daughter leaves for her big trip to England, France and Belgium in three days. THREE DAYS!! Wasn't it just yesterday that we went to that meeting where the trip was announced and we had 15 months to prepare? No? Wasn't it just yesterday that ... well, I'm sure you understand. And it's really tough for an over-protective mom to let her darling daughter venture so far from home, without my eagle eyes keeping watch over her. Plus she's told me--she can't wait to see all "those French guys!" Is it any wonder that I have difficulties sleeping?!?

In other news, Doug and I have gone back to the pool and started swimming. Tomorrow is my official last visit to the surgeon, but it's been 6 and a half weeks since surgery. She promised me I'd be close to or at 100% at the four week mark. So it didn't seem unreasonable to venture back to the pool. The week of my appendectomy, I was swimming 11 laps at the pool. Tonight I did 8. Not too shabby when you consider that I haven't been getting much exercise of late. Mountain bike season is coming , and I do so want to be ready.

In knitting news, I have been working diligently on the Zara sweater for myself. The body is finished. And the first sleeve--The colour-work was finished and everything! Rather than use double-pointed needles, I tried to work the sleeve using Clover bamboo circulars and magic loop. Unfortunately, there was no cooperation from the needles. I have resorted to doing the sleeve on two circulars, which seems to be working well. The reason? I seem to be all thumbs and no fingers when using needles other than circulars. I get tired of bending over and retrieving needles all the time. I have only 1/2 inch before I slip this sleeve onto the holders and start the second sleeve. Possibly even tonight.

If time slips away from me yet again, Happy Easter!

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