Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A busy week

Another week has passed me by. Bringing warm weather, sunshine, a pleasant evening at the Uxbridge Music Hall watching Amadeus, and a quiet evening with friends. I really don't understand how time gets away from me so quickly. Is time going by as quickly for you too?

I got some Sirdar Just Bamboo into the shop for summer knitting. The samples looked really nice, so I ordered it in. Got each and every colour, along with some very nice patterns. I debated and debated, and finally decided on which top to knit, and colour. And knit. The truly frightening and interesting thing about this yarn is that the ball band warns you that "This yarn does not knit to standard guage." Intriguing, yes?

I knit up the top, and brought it home to block. On the needles, the yarn was amazingly soft. I did the wet block technique (dump the garment into a sink of water) ... and was immediately terrified. That beautifully soft top suddenly became ... wood-like is the best description I can find.

Undaunted, I spread the top out on the towel to dry, and waited (im)patiently. Gnawing my fingernails. To my absolute surprise and delight--I found that the yarn dried to its former beauty. Having one project off the needles meant that I needed to start another. I decided it was time to spotlight the Luxury Fine Merino Superwash. What a cute sweater for a baby, eh? And not only is the yarn delightful, the pattern was excellent.
And how's this for a teaser? I should have Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's new book in my store by the end of the week!

For those interested, I now have the Knitting in Ontario web-ring functional! Yahoo!

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Lisa said...

I love the cream bamboo sweater. Which pattern did you use?

Where is your store?