Sunday, October 21, 2007

Those crazy, lazy, hazy days of ... FALL?

This will be a somewhat unusual post. Despite the cheery, bright title, I have been more than a little bummed of late.

While we were celebrating Thanksgiving weekend on October 7, a very good friend of Carrie's (back in Michigan) died. He was 25 years old, and he died in tragic circumstances.

Chris had life by the tail--finishing up his university degree with exemplary grades, a new job offer in his field and doing what he loved most--promoting music. Things were finally coming together for him. And then he died, leaving behind his young wife and two beautiful children. He also left behind his dreams unrealized, his life unfinished.

In his short life, Chris touched many people. People he knew in "real life," and people he knew through the internet. His power was such that he brought out the best in people. His enthusiasm for life was infectious, and he just made everyone smile.

If you can spare a moment, please say a prayer for his family. They do need them.
* * * * *
I have been knitting lately, but have neglected to take photos. I have also been shopping lately, but have the same issue--no photos. I WILL do better ...

In the meantime, how about this crazy weather? It was positively warm today, and sunny. A condition almost unheard of lately. And to take advantage of this crazy, hazy, and decidedly not lazy day, Doug and I raked leaves. Lots of leaves. 4 hours worth of leaves. The good news is that we almost raked the entire yard. The bad news? Well, the trees still have plenty of leaves to drop. At least Doug will be able to mow the grass now and make that last raking up a lot easier than today's efforts!

The cats enjoyed the sunshine immensely. Mostly they stay inside when the weather is dull and grey. Especially when it is raining or snowing. So they have stayed inside for the better part of the last two weeks. But today? They couldn't wait to get outside!

Mimi flaked out on the handrail. Warm, away from those treacherous feet which might step on her tail, you get the idea. I haven't seen her so comfortable in ages, in fact. She really enjoyed her sunning.

Henry, on the other hand, went for some cushioning. After all, he is getting up there in age!
Unfortunately, he sat up just before the shutter clicked. He had been sprawled magnificently across the leaves, all four paws to the wind.

The yard and deck look much better now than they did when these photos were taken. The leaves are gone, and things look much more tidy. And they'll stay that way--until the wind kicks up as predicted and blows the remaining leaves down.

Then we'll rake again. Unless I get lucky and am at the store!

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