Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Yes, I have been knitting

Despite the blahs I have been experiencing, I have been knitting. Not as enthusiastically as is customary, but I've been plugging away. And here are photos to prove it!

This first project is a store project--an Aran-style sweater for a customer. The book is one I collected 25 years ago when I worked for an Aunt Mary's (Caron warehouse outlet). I just collect Aran books, not necessarily knit them. The customer browsed through all the books available, including some from the store and some from home, and selected her favorite from this golden oldie. The photo shows a back and most of the left front ... currently I am half-way through the right side as well. The wool is Paton's Classic Merino in the Aran colourway. Despite my attempts to over-think and screw things up, I am enjoying this project. I have noted one minor error in the pattern, but it was easily spotted and rectified.

Believe it or not, I have two projects on the needles for home. Yes, you read it here. Two projects. At the same time. Who'd have believed it?!

This photo shows a baby set I've been working on for the Durham Crisis Pregnancy Centre. I had acquired the yarn (Bernat Baby) when Lewiscraft went out of business. Only having 4 ounces, however, I wanted to be certain to get the complete set finished before I ran out of yarn. Consequently, I used a 2.00mm needles instead of the 2.25mm specified in the pattern. Makes the fabric a wee bit stiff, but not uncomfortably so.
You see here the completed jacket, the bonnet and one bootie. The second bootie was almost completed. True to form, I have completed the knitting and actually attached the requisite ribbons! You will see a finished object photo in the very near future.

Finally, my last project was started so that I would have a sock in hand for the Learn to Knit Socks class at the shop. I used Hacho from Mirasol and a pattern from Knitting Pure and Simple. As promised, it is an excellent beginner patternl--clear and concise.
Once again, I've progressed a bit beyond the photo. The second sock is actually on the needles. A momentous event occurred at the toe of the first sock. I used the kitchener stitch to close off the toe. Voluntarily. Without grumbling. With a smile. Who knew that kitchener would be so much fun when you can actually see the stitches on which you are working?!?!

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Christy J said...

The Aran is looking good. Cables drive me nuts, so I settle for admiring other people's work. I have a lot of vintage pattern books too. Do you alter the proportions at all? Some of the older patterns seem long and narrow in the illustrations.