Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sort of an Update

Since there was so little knitting content in my previous post, it seemed only proper that I get a second post up this week--WITH knitting content!

Here you see the progress on my Great American Aran Afghan. The square on the left is Barbara Selesnick, found on page 16. On the right is Hanna Burns, found on page 32. This square (Hanna Burns) claims to be "easy." They lie. Big time. It was not easy. The third square is Ada Fenick, found on page 46. So far (and I do knock on wood as I say this) it has been easy. Who knows what joys lurk in the later rows.

We are teaching a class from the Patons Upside Downers book at the shop this month. Here is my progress so far. I'm using the number of stitches for a size 2; but the yarn is an older bulky wool and I'm using the proper size needles. I THINK this is going to turn out to be an adult large now. Sure hope I have sufficient wool to complete the sweater. The wool has been laughing at me since stitch one but I've persevered and forced the wool to do my will. I'm not sure I could stand the humiliation of having the wool stand victorious over my poor, defeated body as I struggle through the frog pond.

All other knitting has been studiously ignored while my brain attempts to find its way through the ever-present fog. Only three more days of antiobiotics, and hopefully I'll be in the home stretch.

A girl CAN dream, right?

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