Thursday, May 06, 2010

What's this?!?

In reviewing my previous posts, it has come to my attention that there are a whole lot of projects that have been finished without being showcased. I don't know how that happened ... except that I seem to have taken several months off. In an effort to get caught up, I will herewith show you:

The Top-down Sweater in its finished state!
This sweater was started in January as part of our top-down sweater class, using the Patons Upside-Downers booklet(booklet #719). I used Patons Classic Merino and worked the textured pullover. Oddly enough, this sweater is just my size! I finished it sometime in late March, and have even worn it twice. I'm hoping I can wash it up and pack it away for the summer ... with this crazy Ontario weather, one never knows. (Discontinued colours, all, and I used 4 balls green yarn, 1 camel & 1 light green used and 5.0mm needles.)

Remember that whole "knit a pair of cool socks every month" challenge that I oh-so-nonchalantly tossed out in December? Having finally finished January, it seemed appropriate to me to check to see where I was on the whole reporting of said sock challenge. Not very far, it appears.

The February socks were finished ... in March. Not long into March, but March nonetheless. Oh well.

From Wendy Johnson's Socks from the Toe Up, I bring you the Hearts and Flowers Socks.
These were knit in a Briggs & Little sock yarn which I dyed myself ages ago, apparently in a striping pattern, and using 2.0mm needles. Unfortunately, one doesn't really see the lace pattern, but it IS there. And quite cute as well. The yarn was dyed using somewhat old RIT dyes and the colours were not nearly as intense as I had hoped when I made them up. Oh well. I'm sure I won't mind.

And how is Barb doing with her socks? Finished.

On time.


Christy J said...

I loved that old top down booklet! The sweaters are comfy like a sweatshirt. I still have one that I pull out to wear when I'm feeling under the weather.
I drove past your shop the other day on my way to the cancer centre in Oshawa with my dad, said "Hi Carol" aloud, but couldn't stop. I've got to get some of the stash knit up before I dare try to smuggle more yarn in past the DH. It was my bad luck that the Masterdard bill came in the day before I left home for that last trip!

Christine said...

The sweater looks awesome! :) And the socks are very pretty. I still have a knitted sock pattern waiting in queue....but these crochet hooks are distracting me something awful! ;)