Thursday, June 24, 2010


I'm still breathing!

It's been busy, and I will explain this a bit more over the next couple of posts. Without going 7 weeks in between. I promise!

Other folks have been busy knitting at my shop. We recently held a class on the construction of the Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket. We suggested to our students that they might want to start with a baby jacket in order to understand the construction. Barb, however, has that little streak of masochist in her that says she must do things the hard way -- every time! So she decided to knit the adult version.

She used 7 skeins of Nashua Hand Knits Creative Focus Linen to make this beauty. It's a medium, with additional length in the sleeves. She thought that perhaps it was a bit large, until we persuaded her to try it on. She was quite pleased with how this turned out.
So was Sebrena! (Ahem -- ladies, the mud wrestling room is out back. Winner gets to keep the sweater!)

And I finished a pair of socks. Everyone loved 'em!

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