Thursday, July 19, 2012

My new favourite ...

Last fall when Barb and I were meeting with sales representatives for the store, we were directed to the Drops Design website.  Originally we were looking for patterns to go with a nice new lace-weight yarn.  And then we stumbled across this design:  Bluebird

Barb and I both fell in love.  Completely, totally and instantly.  We didn't even bookmark the pattern; we printed it instantly.  And then wandered around the store looking for the perfect wool.  And scheming as to when and how we could work this sweater into our schedules. 

 Ultimately, we decided to cast on as our New Year's resolution.  I settled on the Sublime Merino/Cashmere/Silk dk, in a lovely blue (colour no. 247), called Ink. 

I even worked a gauge swatch, which told me I should use 4.5mm needles.  On January first, I poured my first cup of coffee and gleefully cast on.  I got half way up the back and then stood back and looked at my work.  It was large enough for me and my best friend.  I measured my stitches, and discovered that my gauge swatch lied. 

 Barb also pointed out to me that I am NOT 6'4", nor do I weight 250 lbs.  She recommended that I make the medium rather than the large, and to use 4.0mm needles.   I wasn't totally convinced, but reasoned that perhaps my daughter might like the sweater if I finished it and it was too small.  And I would've been right, if only the sweater had turned out to be too small. 

 It wasn't.  It fits beautifully.  And feels heavenly.  Soft, cozy and warm.  She was right on all counts.

While I was recuperating from my surgeries, this was the project of choice.  Once I got started, I didn't want to stop.  I'd knit and knit and knit.  Look at other projects that needed to be done, and go back to this one.  Knit, cable, knit.

The fronts were interesting.  There was a lot going on between the side shaping, buttonholes, cables, chart changes, armhole shaping, neckline shaping and collar shaping.  I ended up making myself a list so that I could keep things straight in my mind.  It helped, and I strongly recommend this technique to everyone.  And stitch markers.  They are our friends. 
 Just take a look at the back of this little beauty.  That celtic cable in the middle enhances the curves.  Adds interest and makes it even more fun to knit.

My goodness, what fun this was.  Every time I'd show up at the store with another piece finished, poor Barb would hiss and spit.  She was being diligent and dutiful and staying on task for her store projects, while I lounged recovered at home from the trauma of my surgeries.  It probably didn't help that I giggled out loud all the time I knit on this.

The worst thing for Barb?  This yarn has cashmere in it, and she is allergic.  She couldn't even pet the pieces as they came off the needles!
 And just look at the cuff on this!  Ruffled!  I'm not particularly "girly," but boy did this catch my eye and heart.

Simple to do -- simply cast on double the number of stitches required, work 3 rows in stocking stitch, and then purl 2 together across.  Then start your ribbing.  Viola!  The cutest little ruffle imaginable.

The pattern was free from Drops Design, which is always a nice touch.  Especially since the yarn is dear -- $9.95 a ball.  I used 16 balls too, so this is an expensive sweater.  But worth every last penny.  Absolutely worth every penny.  The knitting provided hours and hours of entertainment.  The wearing will provide hours of comfort.

All I have to do now is wait for the colder weather.  (Did I mention that I do a snow dance every night before bed?)

Before I go, I have something else to share with you.  My husband has been working with a gentleman named Alex McLaughlin on a house in Oshawa.  Alex had a video made of the renovation project, and here it is! 

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Christy J said...

Love the sweater! But cut it out with the snow dance! I still have a couple of summer sweaters to finish. Almost done with the Linsey variegated that I bought at your shop last trip down. Hopefully will finish it this weekend. Then on to the Creative Focus Linen I bought from you last year. I'll never catch up.