Friday, October 12, 2012

Time waits for no one

Turns out that time waits for no one, even tho we desperately wish it would.  Seems like just yesterday I was a new bride, a new mother ... mother of a kindergarten student, mother of a sixth-grader.  And now, I am the mother of a candidate for graduation from the University of Toronto, Victoria College.

Wednesday night was Charter and Convocation night.*  Doug and I drove down -- by which I mean that I drove, which is really rare these days -- to the University, parked the car and attended the Isabel Bader Theatre.  As is generally the case, the evening was filled with pomp and circumstance.  Plenty of speeches, some notable and some not.  The president of VUSAC -- the Victoria student council -- spoke and his speech was great.  Witty, serious, and short.

And the awards. Vic. College is blessed with a multitutde of good scholars.  The recipients of awards for maintaining an A average in first and second years were honoured from their seats.  The third year students were honoured from stage.   To-wit,

The Romans Family Scholarship is awarded to a  student who maintains an A average and also participates "significantly" in the life of Victoria College.  Carrie was selected from the entire student population of Vic. College to receive this award.

I'm so proud!

Carrie then toured us around campus, where we got to see several buildings which she holds dear to her heart.  The dining hall reminds me so much of Hogwarts it isn't funny.  As did the black scholar gowns.  Hmm.

I was also introduced to several -- make that many -- of Carrie's friends on campus.  She was thrilled to be able to do so.

Thursday afternoon she called me at the store to say "thank you for coming last night."  She recognizes that it's a long drive and required both Doug and I to take time off work.  It was worth it.  Very much so.

To all those folks who claim that it doesn't matter if parents attend events like these, or even less momentous ones like hockey and soccer games, I say "malarkay!  It DOES matter."  And it does.

*Please don't confuse Charter and Convocation Night with Graduation.  Graduation is when one has completed the degree requirements.  Charter and Convocation is simply an awards ceremony, without any degrees. 

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Christy J said...

Congrats to Carrie and you! I am sure you ahd something to do with making her the wonderful, intelligent young woman she is.