Monday, September 26, 2005

How can it be Monday already?

Where does the time go anyway?

Friday night, I made a wonderful dinner of roast chicken with stuffing, mashed yams and steamed broccoli. Friends stopped in for a visit later and we enjoyed the last of the apple pie. Saturday morning Doug and I had a mountain bike ride, went into Toronto for dinner (at the Buddha Vegetarian, 666 Dundas St. West), and saw two friends perform for the Acoustic Harvest -- Rob Ritchie and Terry Young. Sunday we slept in -- which means the cats actually let us do so -- and then spent the afternoon with more good friends. The evening brought yet another mountain bike ride, followed by a pot of home-made chicken soup which Carrie pronounced to be "delicious!" How much better can it get?

Funny you should ask. Because it does get better! This is the progress on the Lace Aran sweater: Posted by Picasa

Doesn't it look wonderful? Who would have thought that lace could mimic an aran-style pattern? I certainly didn't. And I find myself entranced with all those yarn-overs, slip-knit-passovers and knit-2-togethers. I sit for hours knitting on this, and don't even grumble much when I have to tink. Well, except for the Irish Knots. Knitting four stitches into one, passing three of the new ones over ... doesn't lend itself well to tinking.

And just to prove that I can actually handle two projects on needles at once -- the socks became travel knitting and I finished a small pair for my Dulaan box and started another pair for me!

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