Wednesday, November 30, 2005


What have I been doing since I finished the Aran Lace? Knitting mittens. Lotsa mittens. Did you know that one large ball of Red Heart will make ten pairs of mittens? I didn't either.

See that little ball in the corner? That's what I had left. Talk about cutting it close!! I was afraid that I would have to make white thumbs on the last pair of mittens. Thank goodness I didn't.

So why the excess of mittens? Our church has a project. Every January we send box loads of warm woolies to an Indian settlement in Northern Ontario. Not the one that's been in the news, although the living situation is similar. These kids are out waiting for the bus in minimal outer-wear, often without mittens and hats. These mittens are destined to help those less fortunate ... right here in Canada.

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