Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Who took my needles?

I have started knitting mittens ad nauseum for the Mitten Tree at church. In the process, I decided to take the flat pattern and convert it to knitting in the round. To accomplish this, I needed my size 7 (US) dpn. I could find two of them, no problem. Do you think I could find the others? After searching through bags and bags of yarn, baskets of patterns, more bags of yarn, they still remain elusive. Not to be thwarted, I just grabbed the size 4 & 6 dpns and went on my way.

Who knew I had THAT much yarn? I mean -- I *KNOW* that I have lots of yarn in my boxes. That's stash -- and destined for the Dulaan Project and the Mitten Tree. But all that other yarn? Yikes! And guess what I'm doing tonight? Going to Knit Night at Yonder Yarns ... where I hope to purchase some nice black yarn for a Christmas gift. (Teehee.)

To assuage my disappointment over having lost my size 7 dpns, my lovely hubby graciously ventured into Romni Wool and purchased an Addi Turbo, size 7, just for me. Not for my birthday. Not for Christmas. Just becuz. Isn't he sweet? Apparently the staff at Romni Wool went into overdrive in their attempts to be helpful -- especially since needles are not exchangeable or returnable. They wanted to be absolutely sure that he had the right one. Silly people. Don't they know that any Addi is a keeper?

In other news --

Tada! The Aran Lace sweater is finished. Here I am, modeling the sweater pre-blocking.

The sweater is designed to be loose-fitting, with long sleeves. C. says it is stylishly comfy. For anyone who cares, the design is by Annie Maloney, called Aran Lace, pattern #102. The yarn was from Lewiscraft -- Stylecraft Special, an acrylic/wool blend (80/20). Quite nice. Now to see how well it wears.

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