Thursday, January 18, 2007

Exciting times for me

2007 has started out with a bang. First I see Christy mentioning that she was going to be in my area and would try to stop by my store. Now, THAT qualifies as a red-letter event. I first started blogging because I was lonely; I missed a knitting group with whom I had formed wonderfully close ties. Then life interfered and I moved to Tennessee, where I knew no one. Moving to Canada was a step in the right direction for my life--at least in the cold, snowy north one would expect to find knitters. And, of course, the internet is a wonderful medium for making friends.

Yesterday I found out how true it is. Christy made her way to my store and I got to shake the hand(s) that created the wonderful Noro sweater shown on her blog. She pronounced my shop "lovely," which also endears her to my heart. Here is a picture of the big event:
Christy was able to view Gyrid, the shell made from the Elsebeth Lavold's Book One--The Viking Knits Collection. It has been finished for a while ... ever-efficient that I am, I kept forgetting to bring it in to the shop. The Silky Wool is a great knit. It's soft without feeling mushy. Knits into a lovely light-weight fabric that will be a dream to wear. (Remember, I made this as a display piece for the shop.)
I followed the pattern without deviation, and pronounce it good. For my next feat (from this particular book), I will be attempting the hat and mittens pattern. Possibly (hopefully) as projects for the intermediate knitting group in Uxbridge.

Finally, with the advent of winter weather (finally), the cats have been searching for warm sleeping spots. Henry has found the best one ever--
right on top of the floor vent. Good thing there are two more that heat that room, eh?!

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Denise said...

Learned about your shop on Christy's blog. Will have to check the map to see where you are situated. We never know, I might drive west one day.