Monday, March 05, 2007

A Windy Monday

While I'm still recovering from the appendectomy (just in case the doctor is reading this, I'm resting lots and taking life easy!), I have been doing a fair bit of knitting. Some for the store, and some for my projects.

This is a pullover destined for the Dulaan shipment. It's a size 4, knit with 6mm needles and Pinguoin yarn that I inherited from a friend. There wasn't quite enough of the Pinguoin, so I added a mystery (albeit probably Paton's chunky) yarn for the ribbings. Orginally, the pattern was for a hooded sweater with a kangaroo-type pocket in the front. Running short of yarn meant some modifications. The collar turned out quite nicely, if I do say so myself. (The link provided is a newer blend of the tweed. Mine is 53% wool, 41% acrylic, 4% viscose and 2% poly. It is an interesting blend and quite a nice knit.)

When Christy visited my shop a while back, she brought along a friend. The friend loved the lonely Noro sock on display and wanted a pair of socks just like it. Unfortunately, there was only one ball of that colourway remaining. So what does an enterprising and helpful shop-owner do?
She knits a second sock to match the first, sort of, and sells both balls of wool. Especially helpful to the plan was the knowledge that the friend didn't knit. Whew!

About a month ago, a very nice lady came into the shop and inquired about the felted bag hanging in the window. I explained that it was a sample bag, not for sale, and assured the nice lady that she certainly could make one herself. I taught her to knit, sold her some wool, and she was off to the races. In record time, she completed one bag, only slightly discomfited by my emergency surgery. She came back in with the finished bag, which I brought home to be felted. She then purchased more wool to make another bag. This is her second project:
Paton's Classic Merino topped with Brazilia. Of her own design. Blythe, you are a talented lady! Well done!

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Christy J said...

My friend's socks look great! I'm going with her to Punta Cana for a week - she probably won't need heavy wool socks there. I'm probably going to frog the back of my Manos pattern knit with the turquoise Araucania and look for a pattern that knits to a tighter gauge. I don't like the stringy look of the yarn knit at the recommended gauge. Still love the yarn though.