Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Another week, another ski

Despite feeling overly busy, I did manage another ski outing yesterday.  It was cold, but I exert a lot of energy when I ski.  I am getting better at gauging the wax on my skis, and getting a better feel for what is "right" when I ski.   I might have to redefine what I consider to be a fall -- currently it is when my bum hits the ground, or all hands and knees.  The last three skis have managed to be fall-free under those definitions.  Even changing the definition to one knee touching, all these outings have resulted in only one fall each.  Things are improving!

In knitting news, there has been improvement as well.   My chunky vest is currently drying after it's vinegar bath.

I am hopeful that the excess dye has rinsed out now.  The first blotting towel turned a nice shade of sky blue.   Turns put that I am a wee bit short of wool to finish the collar.  It was supposed to be eight inches tall, but I only managed five before running out of wool.  I think I am going to pull some similarly coloured wool from my stash and do the underside of the collar in it. The colour is close enough that even if it shows, the change in wool won't be glaringly obvious. 

February's class at the shop is socks.  I worked diligently on my current project ...
Done!    Another gift to be scratched off my list!   

And the afghan project continues apace.  Remember two weeks ago when I mentioned --  you are right, I complained --about the bobbles?   I listened to Barb talk a student through a bobble and realized that the problem was mine alone.   I pulled my square out to look at, and Barb instantly saw my problem.   I not-so-graciously frogged back to the first bobble row and redid it.   It looks much better now. 
I have to get the next square underway so that Barb will have it to teach the next class.  Why am I not teaching it?   Because I will be visiting my grandson!    Hurray!

With the absence of both the vest and socks in my knitting bag, I needed a traveling project.  Doug has been muttering about his need for new mittens, and even threatened to take up knitting himself to rectify that shortage.   To protect my stash, I cast on a mitten project.   
This is a double-knit mitten using an Aran weight wool on a 4.0mm needle.  It looks huge, and I have wrapped it around his hand several times to be certain it fits.   This wool was spun by Briggs and Little, down east, and I hope that it retains the B&L reputation for durability.  

The Elsebeth Lavold vest has not really progressed.   Truth in advertising requires me to confess that I have not even touched it.  Something about the idea of a sleeveless shell in the middle of a cold winter just doesn't feel right, you know?   It might become the travel knitting next week, but my son's family is experiencing a fair bit of winter themselves.   Who knows, eh? 

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