Thursday, February 27, 2014


There has not been as much knitting as I'd like.  When I came home from my visit to my son, Doug really wanted to go skiing.  So did I, to be honest.   I ignored the ice underneath the wee bit of snow on the sidewalk, and off we went.  

The trail had ice too, but it was relatively flat.  I can ski on flat.  Then there was a little hill, but I can handle a little hill. After all, there are big hills in our regular route.  Except that this time the track was icy and fast.  Down I went, landing awkwardly on the ski pole and my hand.  I noticed right away that there was a significant loss of grip strength ...  Three more falls and I was done.  The first was the hardest, and I managed to sprain the thumb on my right hand.  Not a problem since I am left-handed.  I can assure you that the world is right-handed, and being left-handed helps only marginally right now.

While I CAN knit, a little at a time, there just hasn't been much progress.  Instead, let me dazzle you with a photo essay:

"No thanks, Mom.  I'll pass."

"Well, perhaps a little taste."

"Wait--is that the Olympics?"

 "Grandma has a camera,"

"Should I smile?"

Ok.  I'll smile, since Grandma is only here for a short while.

"Mom, can I stop smiling now?"

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Christy J said...

Absolutely ADORABLE!