Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Still learning

I didn't really make New Year Resolutions this year.  Nor last year, for that matter.  What I DID do was to publicly declare that I was going to try to be more faithful to this blog; to capture my endeavours more faithfully.  I have heard that it requires 21 times to establish a habit.  Since this is only post number five this year, I expect I have a ways to go yet. 

In any event, my regular posting brought up a conversation about said posting.   Didn't I find seeing my projects not changing in my bag cause me to be discouraged?    Not at all; in fact, I was actually enthused to see how they were growing and evolving as the weeks went by.    Hopefully I will continue to feel this way as the year progresses. 

I am working on the same socks as last week, with one small change.

See?   Now it's a sock and a half!   I've even completed the gusset shaping, so now it's a straight shot to the toe.   Since February is sock class, these will be done in the blink of an eye.  One. Ore holiday gift off the needles!

This is the Begere de France vest from last week.  I'm over half done with the front already!   As I (hopefully) mentioned previously, this is a yarn that I dyed myself.  I'm very pleased with the tone on tone look I achieved.  Sadly, though, the excess dye didn't get cleanly rinsed out.  My fingers turn a strange shade of blue when I work on this.   The collar and arm bands are knit separately and then sewn on.  Consequently, this will get a little vinegar rinse, followed by a bath with Eucalan before final finishing.   I seriously hope that I don't lose a lot of colour when I rinse this. 

One thing I noticed when taking photos last week was that I had not worked on my Elsebeth Lavold project much in the preceding week.  I vowed to remedy that, and promptly started knitting on it. 
The back was finished up in no time at all.  I even cast on the front.  And got about eight rows into it when the siren call of my hand-dye lured me away.   It's silly, because I really love the Silky Wool as well as the design.  Perhaps it is the instant gratification of the 6.0mm needles.  In any event, I'll be back onto this project fairly quickly. 

The afghan project hasn't been touched since there was no class last Sunday.  Instead we went and spent an afternoon with my daughter ... Did the full Ikea shopping trip and had dinner.  I was ridiculously excited to see the girl, especially since I had had a delightful visit with her over the holidays.  I really enjoy visiting her at her home and seeing her as a Grown-Up I guess. 

Before going to see Carrie, Doug and I zipped over to Walker Woods and had a great ski.  The wax wasn't as perfect as my previous outing, but it was still great.  Lots of freshly fallen snow and early enough in the day that hikers had not had the opportunity to wreck the trails.  With all the snow we have had this week, I am looking forward to another ski Sunday morning, followed by another afghan class. 

Have I mentioned that I have five projects lined up, ready to be started?   The only thing that stops me is that my knitting bag weighs about 20 lbs.   I can't haul any more projects with me.  Guess I better get knitting again!

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