Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Christmas goodies!

These are the goodies I received for Christmas! Two wonderful knitting calendars -- one is perpetual and the second for 2005 -- two Nancy Bush books AND a pair of Addi Turbo (size 4 if you are interested!) Posted by Hello

C. tried on her sweater again. This time she decided that she wants the cuffs to be sewn in, which is really no problem. A couple of stitches, and she's all set. Unfortunately, she has also decided that she wants the sweater to be shorter ... about 8 inches. Ack!

We discussed the issue, and she has agreed that it is OK if the hem makes the bottom of the sweater a little bulkier. Whew! She is correct; the sweater will look better if it is a good bit shorter.

And for my next project -- FINALLY I will be starting thrummed mittens for myself!

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