Thursday, January 20, 2005

I visited the Spinning Wheel in Fremont, Michigan last November. I purchased these goodies to make something yummy for myself. The yarn is alpaca and is so incredibly soft. Posted by Hello

Tonight I will do the hemming on C.'s sweater. THEN the picture will be taken so that I can add it to my "finished items" list for 2005.

I also am finishing up the first pair of mittens for the church mitten tree. Red with white stripes in the cuffs.


Amie said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I even forgive you for voting Republican (;) - heck, my husband used to, also! It scares me that he won, and it sickens me that half the voters in this country still think that he's doing anything right... it's scary to think that my step-son may end up going to Bush's war and I find it shameful that anyone could think limiting anyone's rights is the American thing to do... Rant over. Just wanted to say thanks.

Carrie said...

Yes the sweater is absoloutly delicious Thank you so much! Oh...and thanx for the scarf and the tube/tank top and (what else was there...?) for everything else!! (Heheh)