Friday, January 14, 2005

Good news!

Tonight I learned how to poast photos on my blog! Yippee!

Of course, if you are observant, you will note that there are two entries for today. That's because while I figured out how to post a picture, I haven't learned how to add more commentary to the entry. Eventually, I WILL persevere.

On the knitting front, the sweater for C. is nearing completion. The cowl collar is nearing the 8 cm. mark, which means that I'll be changing to the larger needles to finish off. I'm so excited! Of course, I will be posting a picture when it's done.

I have signed up for the Fear Factor Sock Challenge at the Knit-n-Chat forum over at Delphi. The schedule is to cast on February 1. I will be selecting the yarn for that project this weekend. That project will go to work with me for my lunch time entertainment. Gotta be more entertaining than watching lawyers try to out-maneuver each other.

And on that note ... Good night and happy stitching!

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