Sunday, March 19, 2006

Another baby blanket

I finished another baby blanket for the Durham Crisis Pregnancy Centre. This one is green, and I used the horseshoe lace pattern again. Here is a close-up of the pattern:

Just to be artistic, I draped the afghan over the back of my bentwood rocker. So artful, eh?

This means that the only project remaining in my work bag is the Shop-Til-You-Drop bag from the Knitters Pattern-A-Day 2005 calendar. I'm working on the shoulder straps, of which there are two. Linen stitch. Did I mention how much I hate doing that pattern stitch? It's all the yarn forwards, yarn backs, and then having to keep track of whether I'm on a knit, slip, knit row, or a purl, slip, purl row. And switching the yarn forward, backwards, forward. Argh.

But I was in the car ALL day Saturday, retrieving my wonderful daughter from her March break visit with her dad. 8 hours in a car. So I assured Brandi, for whom the bag is being knit, that I'd be done long before we reached the border. And I was.

Unfortunately, I don't have the bag with me at the moment, so I can't take a picture of it. But it IS finished.

To replenish my knitting bag, I selected a pattern from the McCall's Super Baby Book (circa 1979), and 5 ounces of pink yarn. This is another project for the Durham Crisis Pregnancy Centre. Also I dropped in another three skeins of Red Heart variegated and the Leisure Arts Top Down Raglan pattern, for a Dulaan project. Finally, there is a surprise project in my bag. Shhh. It's a secret.

I've also acquired 5 skeins of cotton to make dishclothes. These will be shown around at the Thursday night class as a suggestion for our new knitters as an easy project with which to experiment with stitch patterns. Clever, eh?

Pictures to follow. :-0)

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Roxi said...

In your article about the baby blanket you mentioned the McCall's Super Baby Book. I am missing the page from that book with instuctions on page 49. If you have a copy of that page, would you please email me a copy of this page? I would really appreciated it.