Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The March winds do blow

The March winds are howling. Howling, I say. Blasting their way across Lake Scugog and smashing into the walls of the house. Most of the walls have been insulated. But the old kitchen? You know, the part being used as storage because it is so far down the priority list for restoration? That's the one. It hasn't been insulated; it hasn't been renovated. And the winds don't blast against those walls. It blasts THROUGH those walls. I swear I've seen snowflakes in the air in there. And, of course, there isn't a door from that room into the dining room. No, that would be too sensible. I'm thinking seriously of hanging a blanket across the doorway.

But the howling winds serve a purpose. They remind me that I *DO* have a warm place to which I can retreat. Sitting by the fireplace, my knitting on my lap (along with a snuggly kitty), I can be quite toasty. The kids in Mongolia? Many of them don't have the luxury of a kitty, let alone a fire. They NEED warm things.

I finished another Dulaan sweater. This is Red Heart yarn and Leisure Arts top-down raglan pattern. Warm and snuggly. The even better news? There's enough yarn that I can make another sweater.

In other news, I had a phone call. Remember the Knitting Nights I attend? Louise was approached about teaching a knitting class through continuing education. She agreed because, after all, she does have a yarn store. But she isn't all that comfortable teaching knitting, because she has only been knitting for two years. Louise has watched me assisting some of the other ladies at Knitting Night, and she thought of me.

And the best part -- She'll pay me with yarn!


Jacqui said...

How cool is that! You get to share your knitting knowledge with someone who wantsto know, and you get yarn out of the deal? I love it!

Anonymous said...

Just remember Mom, our house isn't that big... and NO yarn goes into my room!! :P
It sounds like you'll enjoy it though. And you're not buying... so you're not breaking lent either!
I love it!