Monday, March 13, 2006

I broke the bank

Turns out that Lewiscraft stores in Canada are closing. In the grand scheme of things, this shouldn't upset me terribly. But it does. Lewiscraft is/was a Canadian-owned store, and I do firmly believe that we should be supporting the stores where we live.

Having said that, I will also admit that for the past six months or so, my preferred yarn store has been Yonder Yarns in Greenbank. Same yarns that Lewiscraft carried, plus so much more. And a Knitting Night on Tuesdays. How cool is that?

So anyway, Lewiscraft is going out of business. Which means that their yarns are all on sale.

Of course, this means that I Must Purchase. Why? Because it's a good price, and also the yarn and wool will be used for charity knitting. What better thing than to save money on materials earmarked for charity?

To that end, I obtained the following pile of baby yarns. These will become baby blankets and layettes for the Durham Crisis Pregnancy Centre. This wool is destined to become hats and mitts for the Dulaan Project and/or the Mitten Tree project at our church. So many colours ... I really love the pink/burgundy combination. Not as many balls of wool, though, because they are more expensive.

Brandi found a job, in her words "at last!" She's working with horses, four days on and two days off. This really cuts into her knitting time, but the money helps.

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kendra said...

stashie's gonna get you, and I'm going to laugh because I am so green with envy.